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Hi All,

Here is my latest piece, a Waltz for solo piano.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks,

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     This piece is a panoply of ideas.  At first it was interesting, but as the themes kept ever changing my interest tended to wane.  You might pick out your best ideas and develope them into a coherent stream that the listener can follow easily.  I liked the mood and feel of the minor key.


In the language of music, there are words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, etc. What I hear in this piece is lots of phrases, or motives, but little in the way of sentences. It's difficult to create a sense of form unless there are larger structures to embed in the listener's mind. So that one could say, I remember that melody, it was there in the beginning, then went into something else, and has now returned again, with some changes. There is no summing up. Also, unless I'm mistaken, no modulations.

On the positive side, it does have a nice waltzy, melancholy feel. I think this effect might be intensified if the tempo were slower. But then, the piece would need to be shorter, or it would become rather laborious.

Hi Guys,

Thank you both for your helpful suggestions, I am genuinely grateful for these!

My main goal for this piece was to try and mess around with the one key theme and just see what I could do to it, but, as you both mentioned, I feel I may have focused too much on that one theme and ended up not putting much other material into the piece.

Michael - I have rewritten part of the coda to make it a bit more interesting since uploading it to youtube, there are some modulations they go as follows, C-sharp minor - D-flat major - C-sharp minor - A minor - C-sharp minor.

Thanks again,


Hi Joe, just listened to this on You Tube, with the added modulations. Very effective! My interest in the piece perked up quite a bit as a result. Modulations give you the opportunity to explore new vistas, much like taking a turn off the beaten path does on a hike through the woods. I would advise you to keep doing it, as much as possible. The trick, of course, is knowing when, and where to go, but when you make the right choices, the results can be most enjoyable!

Hi Michael,

Thanks again for the kind words!

Best wishes,


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