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- for midnight.

A break from chromatic music. Diatonic.

And NO MORE Italian instructions - promise! Except words already adopted into English, like "tempo".

Perhaps it could be developed to make it a little longer.

Thank you if you give it a listen.



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Ingo and Ali, hello again,

Workflow? Having to click at least 4 keys to get in just one dotted note or several clicks of the mouse?

I sense a big difference between creative flow and workflow. A pencil dot on paper in a rough timeline is hugely more flowing to me....then comes the chore. 

But I have tried. There was no point getting notation software limited to 10 or 12 or 14 staves. Little use for the sketch end of composing. You can't just think "no, I don't like that", draw a bar line and do something different (but keep it in case you want to look back. 

It’s been a nightmare. Beautiful engraving but the rest? They're all as awkward by the look of it. Sheesh, I’ve never been as close to smashing the computer before!

Like, I have to be 100% accurate in the daw as the notation stuff can't easily interpret the xml. I got to 98 bars of detailed editing/engraving then found the following 110 bars to the end were blank, filled with rests. It never gave an error message on loading. I had to trim off the blank bars then prepare a new daw file with 99 bars chopped off the front guessing the flaw was in 99. It accepted this xml with all the music which I had to merge with the earlier bit, insert a bar and input bar 99 manually.  Thank the Good Lord it was just that. I couldn’t have faced entering 110 bars x 30 staves by hand.

Another time it inserted 5 beats in a 4/4 bar. Sorting it out meant shifting all subsequent notation staff by staff one beat back.

Many other issues. Still trying to find out how to force the note stems up or down on divisi parts without some workaround.

This isn’t really for me. A piece takes an elapsed 24 hours to compose then about an elapsed 2 months to get a computer to deal with it?

It’s a good thing, the way music is going that scores are increasingly unnecessary.

So I’ll probably end the trial without buying it, lovely though the engraving is. I know there's a lot to learn and have learned a heck of a lot in a couple of weeks plus....but....too frustrating.

Thank you all the same for advice and comment.

Ingo, you mean a tablet for rolling up a jolly old J? Isn't there an app for that yet? Comes with a portable 3-skinner roller?



I like it very much, this short and adorable piece. The waltz rhythm is nicely hidden to be revealed by the listener. Lovely.



Im currently writing a waltz too. My sounds dorky now after listening to yours haha. I really enjoyed it man. Something magic in all the space around it. Awesome 


This is a charming and effective miniature. As usual your style of orchestration shows enormous sensitivity and resourcefulness - listening to this piece, where the instrumental combinations change with every phrase, brought to mind a composer whose name is not well known internationally: Havergal Brian. He's best known for his (somewhat notorious) Gothic Symphony, but he kept composing into his 90s, and his later work is much more compact and restrained in scale, and shows a very similar "kaleidoscopic" instrumentation in which the colors change with every phrase. In your work too, that constantly changing palette is one of many aspects that held my attention - but I can't neglect to mention the use of harmony, where the sense of key center keeps changing as well.

Bravo! Thanks for sharing it.

BTW, if you named the notation software you're using I missed it. MuseScore? Finale? SIbelius? Dorico? Whichever one it is, I am not surprised that the learning curve is steep after working in a DAW - I'm sure going in the reverse direction would be equally difficult!

Best wishes,


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