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VSTi's... What would be you're choice? What do you use at the moment?

Hi All,

As I'm new to the world of VSTI's I thought I'd post a discussion to get some views.

After trawling the internet, looking at several different packages and developers, I'm contemplating getting EWQL Complete Composers (Customizable) Collection, with SO Platinum Plus and substituting "Pianos" for Gypsy. This would be purely for composing and demoing cues / themes for Film and TV.

Are there any others you think I should look into before taking the plunge? LASS, Symphobia... etc...


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No, but I have used LASS in other studios.

Toomas Erm said:
Anthony, just curious, do you have LASS as well?

SInce I dont have a GRAND to drop on each of several packages... I get by fooling around with the old "Edirol Orchestral"

since I am just learning to compose, and cant envision ever needing anything better for any job, for something cheap to play with and learn on, its not that bad...

(lord help me though, I do get jealous hearing the packages you guys write in, lol... especially the "talking choirs" a lot of people here use, eh? lol.....)

Hey I bought Hollywood Strings Gold, but I've never used can't really compare the usability, for the sound I guess you just have to judge by the examples they put on their websites. 


I'm using HS on two projects and I'm mostly using the legato patches. In a nut shell, you can get some pretty amazing results, but it does take practice with HS. I think other EWQL libraries sound great out of the box, where as HS requires a lot more experimentation and thought to squeeze out that sought after realism. This is great though because the more you use them you get to appreciate the depth of the library. My only gripe is that they aren't as friendly to use as VSL because there's no key switching between articulations. The reason for this is the patches are so bloody massive.... but I suppose you can't have everything! Below is one of the projects that I just started (legato patches mostly).



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