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There was a task to write music for a non-standard quintet (2 cellos, 1 violin, flute and clarinet).

One song is already written, and want the whole thing properly, "to revitalize".

If anyone knows, please tell me the virtual flute and clarinet.
As work is completed - the result is bound unloaded.

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Are you asking for a good flute and clarinet virtual instrument?


FluffyAudio just came out with a beautiful clarinet. Also, some people claim that VSL has the best woodwinds, and then there is the wonderful Orchestral Tool's Berlin Woodwinds which I have. I also have CineWinds from Cinesamples but the flute and clarinet sound more cinematic. For example, the tone of the flute sounds more like what you hear from Lord of the Rings. Hope that helps. Just to warn you though, when you start getting into better sounds, it costs more, and some of the libraries require you to have the full version of Kontackt which is another $400. Oh the joy of trying to get our music to sound good, lol!
Here's a sample of first Cinesamples Flute, then Orchestral Tools' Berlin Flute 1:
Btw, here's a cello example also, Tina Guo Cello from Cinesamples.

Thank you.

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