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Hi all,


Here is my most recent work, "Visions" for Wind Quintet. My goal in this piece was to write a more contemplative, textural work that relies less on constant movement and drama. Many of my earlier works tend to be quite fast-paced and overtly emotional, and I felt that it would be a good challenge for me to write a slower, subtler piece.


The piece is in one movement, but is divided into three sections. The first (Misterioso) is based on a variety of intervallic relations and fleeting, fragmented melodies. Here I was trying to create a serene and atmospheric sound world. The second section (Adagio) has a more defined tonal language, and is propelled by the melodic material. After a transitional section and reprise of the opening, we come to the third section (Giocoso), which is a summation of all the previous ideas, but developed in a very different manner. Here, the serenity of the past 13 minutes is eradicated, and the instruments are whipped up into a playful frenzy. The piece ends with a deliberate musical "raspberry" of sorts, reminiscent perhaps of the finale of Ives's second symphony or Mozart's A Musical Joke. 


As usual, thematic development, polytonality, and tonal/rhythmic ambiguity are all important facets of my style. I would encourage even those for whom more chromatic/dissonant music is usually regarded as unpleasant to give this piece a chance -- I find that even those who don't typically enjoy "atonal" music tend to like (or at least be able to tolerate) my harmonic language. In general, my rule of thumb is that no matter how far out of the spectrum of tonality I may take my music (which is never really that far, I think), if the end result doesn't sound aesthetically pleasing to my ears, I don't keep it in the piece.


I hope you enjoy my piece; now, onto the next project. :)




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I enjoy atonal music. :) I enjoy the layering and harmonic content here especially.
Thanks a lot Becca! Anyone else?

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