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Hi, hope you are all well! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything– just been busy here.  Seems there's a lot of fugues going around too :)

Anyway, I'm now finished with this concerto and wanted to post it here.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts!  Unfortunately, I don't have a recording yet, but will have one in a few months... This should link to the score.  Let me know if you have problems accessing it– shouldn't be an issue, but just in case... :)

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Thanks for the suggestions!  In the first entry point, I wanted the violin to blend with the rest of the ensemble, and be more prominent when it plays alone.  As for tempo variation, I think part of the issues in organicism come from the midi playback, but will think on your suggestion.  I wanted that to sound floating, as you said.  As for quarter tones, there might be a way... but for now, I have other projects that need to be worked on first, before going back and messing with the playback.  I do have a live performance waiting, after all, and that will clear up any playback issues.  

Thanks for your reply, Lara.

It helps me understand the work better.  I look forward to hearing the live performance.  Good luck on that.  I am very interested to hear the use of the quarter tones in context. 

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