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Hi all,

Just looking for some feedback/suggestions for one of my pieces, any input would be warmly received.

Also, Check the other videos on my YouTube page and let me know what you think.

Many Thanks,


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Nice solo intro + first chords, fine harmony, good melody, but:

I can't keep my attention to the piece. I think that is because you rummage through a lot of quick strange harmonies, then switching to quite normal harmonies around 1:00 or so, and you keep the orchestra quiet all the time. The beginning seems to have no direction, to put it in other words. The change around 2:20 is a pleasure to the ear that way, but afterwards you just go back to the chords+violin. There is few interaction between solo - orchestra.

Love where the harp comes in (3:40-ish?), it brings in the missing interaction.

Also the 5:00 reprise is wonderful, but you could add in a little more drama by adding notes in the high register (woodwinds?) or by adding brass.

Also, the short orchestral solo around 8:00 is very good too.

Overall, it is just a little bit boring. I recommend listening to other composers' slow, emotional pieces to find out what makes their music attractive to listen. It's just too much chords + solo now.

Composers I recommend: Stravinsky (though it is a tough job finding emotional pieces, he really keeps music interesting all the way through. I recommend Apollon for string orchestra)

Prokofiev - His Symphony no. 7 pt. 3, it uses all kinds of effects. For more specific violin-orchestra, I recommend his both Violin Concerto's. They are a continuous pleasure to the ear (the slow movements)

Oh by the way, I thought your symphony no. 11 was really great ;)

And I'm very curious to the 1st and 3rd part of this violin concerto?

Hi Douwe,

Thanks for the kind words! Your thoughts are very helpful, I think I need to go back and 'trim the fat' as it were on this piece, I think I may have been to preoccupied when writing it to make it longer rather than have all the bits be interesting to the ear, a classic case of quantity over quality.

I will upload the first and third part of this concerto soon, at the moment they are both handwritten and it takes ages to transfer them into Sibelius but this is something I will do in due course, along with the revised version of the slow movement.

Also, Thanks for the kind words about my Symphony no.11 :)

Best wishes,

There we go Ray, not quite sure what the difference is between the two links, the other one seemed to work just fine?



Raymond Kemp said:


Please fix the link to your music on YouTube.

Better still, when on your YouTube page go to share > embed > copy and paste the result into the Media box here

Job Done!

Thanks in anticipation


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