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Variations on a late Beethoven Adagio sketch for a sring quartett

Among Beethoven's sketches for his quartett op. 130 a very beautiful Adagio tune was found. I liked this theme so much that in the last 2 weeks I wrote a variation movement for string quartett on this.

It starts with the naked theme, then it is repeated with an added bass line and a second part from me, then 7 variations follow:

I hope it will speak to you ...


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Thanks Gerd! I had a little trouble with the harmonization and in fact have already rewritten bars 14 & 15 as the voice leading was awkward. It keeps wanting to turn into the Adagio of Mahler's 3rd in my mind, so I have to be careful.

As to variations, I am curious too... though it seems like the kind of rapt, songful paragraph out of which LvB would have crafted an elaborate set of variations (thinking Op. 109 specifically). I have in mind a flowing first variation, mostly in semiquavers with two instruments at a time adorning the outline of the theme, and a pizzicato accompaniment; and then a dynamic allegro. There might be a fugato at some point, or maybe a concluding fugue. But I have yet to work out the details of even the first variation. I don't work quickly, so it will probably be a while.


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