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The following is a set of variations for solo harp on a well-known Celtic tune. "Bonny at Morn", which I want to input as an instrumental prelude to a song cycle of erotic content, so the title in the header has changed accordingly to "Horny at Morn".

What may be termed as "erotic" in some people's morality, may be termed as "pornographic" by other people's moral standards, so it would seem that Catulus is a great erotic poet to some and a degenerate pornographer to others. All this at present is irrelevant and beside the point to me, (god knows I had some trouble in explaining my lyric writing in this forum before, so I will not bother again), but I publish this prelude for critique/advice on the music side of it.

I know next to nothing about harp technique, but I run the plug-in for adding harp pedalling to the whole score and I noticed that it added just one single sign at the beginning. I suppose this is due to the fact that the piece stays diatonically in Em throughout, which I trust is ok, but I am not at all sure whether it is hard, normal, moderate or just unplayable and whether the two part writing involved would work on the instrument.

If anyone notices blunders, omissions, etc and has any suggestions, please fire away.


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Schoenberg walked into a bar and ordered a gin but no tonic.

 Because he wanted to be dominant in that bar.

A blind guy walked into a bar, then into a table then a chair.

Thanks folks for commenting, points taken.

Fred, I hope to put the missing gin or tonic (whichever the case) in the lyrical side of things :-)

Socrates, I can't comment on harp technique and I don't know what your lyrics are and as you say it doesn't matter here.

I can say that I like this piece.  It is static harmonically but you have a good variety of rhythms and your melodic work is very nice with a style that is refreshingly different to my jaded ears so thank you for posting this.

Also thank you for all your knowledgeable and helpful posts here on this forum. And your insights into musical styles that I'm not familiar with are also most welcome.

Thanks for your comments, Ingo. My main effort in this prelude is to introduce the tune with no association of invented harmonization or anything else, so I try to keep things clean and traditional-diatonic as observed in any traditional harmonization, only I prefer to do it in two-part writing rather than adding anything else. It is only an instrumental beginning for a cycle of songs. But I'm not sure if it is viable for the instrument involved. If I cannot find out I will probably divide it for cello and violin somehow. (on the lyrical side which I consider equally important, things are quite different, but people have problems with my lyrics, as I have problems with biblical texts on Bach-as Oscar Wilde or Catulus had problems with Victorian middle class morality-what a fucking world we live in!)


Socrates, there is a website run by a harpist that says they will help people with harp technique questions.  Dave Dexter posted about it in the past.  I don't have the link that he posted, but it might be this one.

See what you think, maybe this lady can help you,  or maybe Dave can help you if the site that he found is different than this one.

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