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Today I was remembering my variations for piano wich I made a few years ago on one of my favourite Mozart Arias, the Rose aria from Figaro, which I made for my father as a birthday present:


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Nifty. It could almost have been written by Mozart. There are occasional spots that are not as elegant as Mozart would have done, and they make me wonder if you were trying to go just a tad beyond Mozart, or if the score could use a second look.

Measure 54: that Bb-B makes me expect a C somewhere but it's not there.

Meas 48, 3rd 8th can not make up its mind whether that should be an F or a C harmony.

Meas 49, 3rd 8th has them both at once....

Thanky you, Victor, I will check it. I wrote this in 2 days, so some minor spots may be there which need some adjustment ...

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