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Hello dear members,

I had this theme as an earworm ever sincce I heard it on the album Ali Farka Toure did with Rye Cooder.

Here's my take on it. For Guitar, piano, flute, vibraphone and double bass

be well


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I liked this work with flute a lot. 

Hi Christophe,

Delightful, whimsical fun! For some reason, it reminds me a little bit of Debussy, though I can't exactly say why. Would enjoy seeing a score for this if you have one you can share -



HI gav,

Glad yu liked it!

Unfortunaty, this comes from an old wav file that I found on my external hard disck. Did some tweeking with Kontakt and Audacity. I pretty sure I lost the score.

All the best


I find it very appealing. Nice music, beautifully orchestrated.

Thank you very much for this enjoyable music.


Thank you all for the positive feed back

Very much appreciated!


Loved the syncopations!  Nice instrumentation!

thank you, appreciated!

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