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I have written a lot of verses in my life and it is a big race for me to try setting to music as many as I can.

A lot of songs result, usually accompanied by chamber ensembles or just one instrument. Eventually they form themselves into cycles or bigger units and into complete stories. That is why I put a hierarchical header on most of my scores giving the exact address of each item.

Sometimes I feel that a cycle or something similar should be proceeded by an instrumental piece and thus I write some overtures usually based on themes taken from the songs it introduces. This is the case here with a Valse in Am and a fugue in A. All themes of both pieces are taken from two of the songs that follow and for which I feel that the lyrics did not convey the whole of what I wanted to say.

Any comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

Thanks for listening.

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Thank you all three guys for your continued comments and suggestions. By drawing board I meant only regarding orchestration, I don’t intend to change the piece structurally. I have already started working to make things more audible, (in time free from other works) as per these suggestions and ideas that come up, and I envisage the tuti sections will give me most trouble, though I can see how some other sections could improve a little.

I will re-submit video & pdf once I'm finished. It's an embarrassment to have it up as it is on youtube and having people liking it. :-)

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