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I'm new to the forums so my apologies if this topic has already been discussed.

My question is How many composers, professional or the like use their real names for works? I've heard stories about people who use their real names and have had them taken/owned by record labels and contracts, thus have got themselves into a bit of trouble. I only say this because a friend of mine in the industry has told me and the legal wrangles have me worried.


I was quite happy to put my real name in front of a piece, but this got me thinking. Any advice is greatly appreciated as im inexperienced in the professional world.

Thank you,


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Thanks so much for the help guys and sorry for the late reply. I took all your thoughts into consideration and it has pointed me in the right direction. :)
Personally, I use my real name for national and international work and 570 Music and Sound locally. Not sure about legal issues. Luckily nothing yet :)

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