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I seen there is a "Useless Drivel" thread. Can't seem to post to it. Is there a qualification to post there?

May I post useless drivel here Gav?

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I recently had a brief discussion with someone who suggested, that music, that takes longer to be listened to than it took to write it (e.g. various pieces by LaMonte Young, Morton Feldman or John Cage - but also, even, Erik Satie) kind of abuses the term "composition" and also abuses the attention of the listeners. I am not sure, if this is a fair claim.

On the other hand, it could be regarded as equally wasteful spending a whole day's work on little more than one musical bar, that is over in a couple of seconds or such.

Hi all, Useless Drivel is a jail cell for off-topic posts, and only an admin can post to it. There is a Humor forum you can post to

Oh, sorry, I shall leave jail and move directly to "GO" Humor

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