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Hello folks!

Some or most of you may remember the competition we had not long ago, which turned up some very good, and some very interesting entries. For those of you who don't, our brief was to write for piano and voice to the lyrics of William Shakespeare's Sonnet 73. (Congratulations again to those who won an award!)

My piece didn't do so well, but Kevin Riley and some other saw some potential in it, so Kevin and I arranged it for orchestra! And seeing how the piece was originally created through this website, I thought why not to post it up hear and see what people think about it.

Without any further ado, here is the audio file -

and the pdf. file should be below -


Thanks again composers!

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Sounds unusual - in terms of tonaility and instruments.

I like some sections; I think it needs a few listens. What sound sets did you use for this?

It is the stock Sibelius 6 sounds. I might export the MIDI and take it to college and see if I can get an improvement on it.

How easy would it be to convey these complex sub-levels of the poem's meaning through music? How would you go about doing that - is it like trying to put irony into music?

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