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Hey everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum, and actually my first time sharing my compositions with anyone other than my friends, so I'm really interested to see what some of the feedback is like. This particular piece is written for a full string ensemble. I wrote it in around 5 or 6 hours over the span of two days in the midi format. However, since midi sounds pretty poor, I used an online converter to add soundfonts to the file. It improved the quality of the instrument sounds significantly, but there are still sections that sound very electronic, especially the opening chorale. I would urge you to continue listening after the opening section, because the instrument quality gets much more tolerable after the first 40 seconds. Also keep in mind that I haven't figured out how to adjust individual dynamics for sections in the midi, so there's a lot of dynamic shaping that isn't included.

The main theme of the composition is the corruption of innocence that comes with power. It's unfinished at the moment, and I'm most likely going to add more to each of the individual sections. Speaking of which, the piece consists of 3 main sections -

1. Introduction of A theme in a chorale, followed by B theme. Introduction of a darker side to theme A, but still primarily lighthearted.

2. More aggressive variation of the A theme with style influenced by new world symphony. Corruption of B theme is introduced. B theme attempts to "fight back" into major with octaves, but fails and is played with variation up a chromatic scale, which leads back into a repeat of the aggressive A theme.

3. Increasing in intensity and combining A and B theme into a new C theme. Style influenced by Shostakovich's string quartet 8 movement II. Ending of the section is a final iteration of the B theme, now completely corrupted. Afterwards is something leading into a new section but I haven't added to it yet.

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