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A little piece I’m working on. I’ll really appreciate all thoughts and feedback.


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I'm not a big piano fan. What would really make this piece for me would be to fade some strings in before the melody comes in. Plus not leaving the melody up so high all the time. I believe these two things would help enhance the unrequited feeling you have given this piece, as well as keep up interest.

Thanks for posting this nice piece.

Hi Jim,

Do you have a score you can share with us?


Thanks Bob.

Gav, I’ve attached the score below. Thanks.


I enjoyed this, and I feel this music conveys the mood of "unrequited" very well, but for myself Id really like to see a few small changes in the left hand. The melody part gets developed, but the left hand seems to remain the same throughout the entire piece.

Nice job--thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks Jim, will be in touch -


Thanks Gav.

Thanks so much Bob. Yh definitely considering some variations and further developments for the left hand.

I like this, you set a nice typical accompaniment pattern with a sweet melody, very well done but I think at measure 32 you have an opportunity to follow that opening with some development that would be very welcome.  After exploiting those contrasts you could then return to your main theme, possibly with some variation.  

Just my thought, good work!

Hi Jim,

This has a pleasant sound! I think the only thing which struck me as being off is that the ending doesn’t strike me as an ending so much - it feels like you just stop playing. I would suggest adding some kind of final cadence, or if you like it as is, tapering off in the last couple of measures so that we know the end is coming.

Thanks for posting!


Very nice melody! I would add some variance to the tempo map and play with the note velocities a bit. It’s a bit too mechanical as it is now IMO. You night want to add a bit more reverb as well. As others have stated, the left hand needs some variation. I might also play the melody in octaves toward the end. 

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