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Listen, I know we are all a bunch of hyper thinking hyper feeling hyper crazy people here, and we enjoy the banter of ornery discourse. That is great! But ya know, please try to help us by being thoughtful. This forum took a LOT of work by Chris Merritt and myself initially. Now he and I are both at a point where we are simply too busy to be involved and active in moderating the forum every day. It is a great thing that has happened for us, please be happy for us! Tyler has taken over as the Supreme Being of the Composers Forum now as you know, and he is the deciding factor on all things here, including all policy changes. He has recently added some new admins, members of excellent quality. They are working hard and are very active to try and breath some life into this place. Try and help us out a little and just play nice, ok? That means things like respect threads that are started with specific questions and stay on that topic; don't be rude for no reason and be spiteful towards people; when the admins request something please dont push them to see their boundaries, they are really excellent people donating their time to make some nice changes happen here.

Basically, act like a grown up, at least enough to be OK to be out in public!

I know that can be hard, on the intarwebs, where everyone is allowed to defecate on each other because nobody gets physically assaulted. But lets just chill.

I wanted to make sure that the dissection forum (now critique) stays a place that is specifically NOT about warm fuzzies but about real, constructive, deep critique. And that means that you should never hold back what you think. But that also means you need to police yourself and understand if what you are saying is constructive somehow.

This has never been, nor will ever it be, a democracy in any way or an "open forum" that has no rules or restrictions. The admins, each and every one of them, have the complete right to delete, close, ban, do whatever is necessary to keep things in line and moving the right way. Hopefully these decisions will be made with reflection of our policy and not based on their feelings about their own positions or morality. This is a VERY difficult thing to do when its a community that you participate in every day and really care about.

So consider that the next time you are turning a thread into a wank fest. Do you really disrespect the people that are giving their time to your forum that much? Is it really necessary? I dont suggest stopping all ornery discussion because we learn a LOT about each other, ourselves and our music from these interactions. Just keep it real, dont be a wanker.

Respect the immense amount of work that Chris M and I and quite a few others put into making this place over the years (since 2007!) and help us make this a better place, where we can drive the quality of the discussion upwards instead of down. People complain about pro composers leaving and such, if that is the case, why keep them away? I am truly sorry I cant be around and keep energy pushed into CF, but its not physically possible for me to do much past a casual glance over and respond to emergency messages from the admin team.

Help us make this place great! It will become so if we all help just a whee bit.



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