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Hello everyone,

Wanted to share my most recent track and final piece of my album. With this I was going for a strong but intimate atmospheric feel. Hopefully I pulled it off. I had a surprisingly tricky time with the mix so if you have any suggestions for that I'd be especially interested to hear it. Thanks in advance!



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Nice work!  Deceptively simply melody which gives way to a more layered build. I like the addition of the vocal tracks toward the end (were those real humans?) and thought it helped bring the piece into more emotive territory than just piano/strings alone.

I hate to add anything that is critical about this, especially since it's for an album and essentially a finished composition, but if I had to say anything it would be that I longed for the melody to go further out of the 10-note range it was staying in or perhaps do more in terms of key change... otherwise, a lovely moody piece.

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