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These are two recordings of myself performing a selection of two of my works for solo piano.

Work In G major

Work In C major

This is from my classical music collection. I really love the classical music genre and I enjoy creating this kind of music. I don't see any conflict with this genre and the more modern cinematic music that I also enjoy composing and performing. I think composers should branch out and explore new soundworlds you can only learn and progress from it.

Scores are attached,

Best Wishes,

Saul Gefen

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Might I suggest you clarify your scores a little Saul? There are many engraving issues such aas notation collissions, redundant rests, ties in the wrong direction, stems in the wrong direction. i noticed you have two notes beamed over an inserted bass clef which lasts for a single note before returning to treble the purpose of which is beyond me! I assume that your notation software assumes greater voices per stave then you are using hence the great many rests or perhaps you played this in live and didn't fix the softwaeere interpretation? but if you produce a score it may as well be accurate if others are to see it.

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