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Hi there,

I would be very keen to get constructive criticism and feedback on a couple of pieces I've written for solo french horn recently.


They share the same thematic material (a 6 note chord spanning a major 7th, presented as a series of pitches) and try and explore what happens if you make the "octave" have 13 semitones rather than 12 semitones, but treat the thematic material in very different ways.


I have got a (good) horn player to play them through to me, so I know that they are playable, if not easy!


I'm not after hagiography.  I don't mind criticism or statements like "I don't think this is very good", so long as people suggest ways to improve the pieces, or explain what it is that they don't like.


Thanks for taking the time to read






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It seems you go back and forth between the melodic minor and a Lydian(?) mode (mm 4-10).  This change of modes happens a number of times.  I think this is what keeps it from being able to have a "tonal centre".  (I am assuming you're aim is a center, albeit not the conventional definition.)

I like this version better as it takes away the gymnastics of the horn and your intent is easier to hear.  That being said, I don't think you succeeded in a convincing 13 semitone scale.  I think we are all to conditioned to hear the octave as the confines of the scale, so any effort to force the listener away from this while still giving a sense of "tonality" is very difficult to make happen.

I think the idea and concept is definitely worth pursuing.



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