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I have finally finished four songs in the series of eight instrumentals that I've been working on. I appreciate everyone's help so far. I haven't mixed these songs in Reaper yet, but I've added effects in my keyboard's sequencer and tried to polish as much as possible. I'm getting ready to intro my music on Myspace and welcom your candid comments.


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Deborah :

"Must be said " is quite nice basically. It could benefit from some textural variation
accoasionally ( thinner in places and maybe dialing back the piano part a bit -in case of dialog being present )

"Just Fantasy" Overall , I like this a bit more due to the harmonic scheme. I again, would dial those bell sounds at the opening WAY back and maybe double the bell line 8va down with a harp -still keeping both colors further back in the mix.

overall, really nice stuff

Phil Kelly
Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, Phil. I value your opinion. I'm a newbie at this so I may miss some of the finer points (like doubling parts). I'll give the songs a few more good listens. I also have questions for you about composing for film (which I didn't think of when you did the interview a while ago):

1) If a composer doesn't have a demo reel containing REAL work, can he use existing film clips with his music edited in (of course, admitting that he didn't work on that particular film)?

2) Also, how would you recommend someone learn to write music for film? My idea was just to look at pieces of film and trailers from YouTube with the sound down and compose to those images. What do you think?

Thanks again!
"Must be sad" has a very nice chord structure. I enjoyed it very much. I would consider investing in a good orchestral sample library such as Halion Symphonic Orchestra and experimenting with layering the strings. Some real strings instead of synth strings would really make this come to life.
Have you tried out Producers post video there and you audition your music with the video, or compose to it. If you're selected, you may get some money.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions. The strings sounds are probably the cheesiest sounds on my keyboard. I recently bought Miraslav Philharmonic, but I'm waiting for Windows Vista to arrive before putting it on my computer (I currently have Windows Media Center, enough said :-) )

I look forward to corresponding with you more on here.
Thanks. I'll consider your remarks when I start to mix this on a DAW.
Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a look. :-)
Hi Deborah:

1. when one is a newbie in the scoring business, you try to get some scoring samples ( with video ) any way you can. In my case , I scored a few really lowball industrial and educational films to both get my camels nose under the tent, and also because some of the cinematography was quite good. I imagine rescoring some existing clips might be okay providing you didn't step on any legal toes in the process.

2. I'd invest in the Karlin /Wright book "Behing the Score" to a handle of some of the basics of scoring: writing under dialog, what to catch, what not to, historical and atmospheric music styles, etc. Along with re-scoring some You tube clips for parctice is a good plan. The main focus should be learning to look at a visual and /or dramatic situation and learn to write music to ACCOMPANY the visuals and dramatic effect.
Thanks again, Phil. I think that book you mentioned may be out of print. But I found one by Karlin/Wright called On the Track: A Contemporary Guide to Film Scoring (written in 1990, second edition 2004). So I'll probably get that and maybe a couple others (Amazon has two more: From Score to Screen by Sonny Kompanek and Complete Guide to Film Scoring by Richard Davis).
Your compositions here are both very atmospheric and minimalistic.
I prefer Just fantasy due to the use of more textures. Must be said was not able to keep my ear's attention for long. however if used for backing music in a film score I think it would be very effective.

I think what Phil siad about adding more textural variation to your work would go a long way.
when you rephrase your theme add some tonal color to it by doubling with a different sound or by playing with more dynamic expression.

Thanks so much for the honest feedback. Part of the problem is that I created this music with my Korg 01/Wfd's sequencer. And one of it's limitations is that (as far as I know anyway) I can only change dynamics for a whole track not individual measures. I'm going to mix with Reaper, which should allow me to manipulate dynamics, and I now have virtual instruments (which should enhance the sound quality of the piece.

Thanks again for taking the time to listen and comment.
That's one of the things I am still working with on my own recordings. I input my songs by hand into guitar pro. a notation program geared for guitar players. I just got GPO and am still trying to figure out how to play with dynamics from a software perspective... I just need to get myself a USB midi controller.. I should go start a new post in the tech section =)

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