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Good morning, everyone,

Here are two compositions (short format).
The first one is entitled "Le secret des fous" (in English, "The Secret of Madness") : 

The second, "Un rendez-vous" ("A date"), is more lively :

Your feedback is welcome, here or on Youtube.

Thank you, I'll read your opinion with interest

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Some very nice work. It's beauty lies in its simplicity and yet the first piece is capricious enough to relate to the title.

The second piece had a classical quality about it - at the outset felt almost Mozartian. Nice modulation and change at around 1'0" before reprising the opening them. And a twist at the end.

Very easy to listen to.

Very nice. Well done - and fine performance.

Hello Gilles,

nice to hear live performance. It gives a special emotional mood.

I like your pieces, although short they contain some nice sequences. I think the first one reminds me of some film music with that special french character. The second one is more lyrical and pretty. Both of them are really valuable to listen to.


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