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This is NOT my piece. It is apparently in the public domain and is posted on I am only posting it here for educational reasons.

I have never seen a rhythmic notation like the one on page 5 of the attached score, starting where the time signature changes to 2/4. Does anyone know how to read this? I've heard audio of this piece, and it sounds great, but I can't make sense of this part of the score at all.

I've looked online for explanations but have found none. Also, if you can recommend a book that may explain these types of complicated rhythms I'd be appreciative.



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It's a lovely piece. The notation on page 5 makes sense to me - the composer is indicating a figure of 5 in the left hand of 16th notes, which are to be held over while the right hand plays 32nd notes which are not to be held over.

Thanks for the response, Gay. How would you count this (using syllables, maybe)?

Yes. That makes sense, Bob. I keep listening to the piece on Christopher Brelloch's Quiet City album. But I've never played anything more complicated than a 16th note really, so this concept of quintuplets, sextuplets, etc. is new for me, and this piece not only uses them but puts 32nd note quintuplets against 16th note quintuplets. Haha. This is just way out of my realm of comprehension, and until I understand it and can count it out I won't even begin to try to write it.

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