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this is the only piece i've been lucky enough to have recorded by a professional orchestra, as part of the young composer awards, september 2010.


subject matter is the descent into a deep-sea trench, as you slowly sink into the dark waters, you feel peace.



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Sounds great. Competent. Sensitively arranged. I feel like the piece is a throw-back, lacking a 'style' and avoiding originality. How would you describe your style?
like i said before in this discussion, i feel this is just a "boring romantic piece" and i whipped it up in about a week. i dont really have a style. im interested in the lushness of mahler and martinu, and the simple beauty of arvo part and pergolesi. but then i also love stravinsky and bartok... and death metal! hahahaha. anyway, thanks for all the comments!
Really enjoyed it,congratulations,sounds deep,the orchestration is fantastic,love the woodwinds!

Hi all. Give me feedback please. Whether you liked the piece or not, I feel this is just a boring romantic piece and I whipped it up in about a week.

...That's rather awkward.

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