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Hi guys,

enjoy my latest composition, I did for an upcoming shortfilm. Hope you like it. As soon as the trailer is released, I will share it to you too.
I recorded the composition with Cubase 5, Kantakt, VSL, Cinebrass and a few more.

The shortfilm is about time traveling and the plot is similar to Dr.Who.

With best regards, Roland

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Hi Roland ...

well, it works the way it is meant to, grabs the ear, produces a feeling of excitement.  The trouble is, in my opinion, all the 'Epic Orchestral Music' produced by sample libraries is beginning to sound very much the same.  A cliche.  What really grabs attention these days is something that is different from the mainstream.  And that usually means something from the composer's heart, not from the composer's sample library. 

all the best ... I look forward to your next pieces...

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