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This song is entirely orchestrated with two tracks of string section sound fonts. I know other instruments could be added but I felt that it would be less offensive to those with a dislike of the MIDI sound. Please tell me your thoughts :-)

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Aloha Ray, Thanks for your input. I didn't ask for any apologies. I asked for feedback. Constructive feedback which you have given. I appreciate you taking time to listen and advise from your experience and knowledge. Please tell me more about cc11 expression. If it is something I have available to soften the attack and note to note transitions when writing with sound fonts, then it would be a big help. I use MIDI as a tool to write music. The music is most important to me. The production can be changed or redone by anyone with the expertise in that area but the music must have substance first. I have over 100 tracks created using sound fonts and they all may suffer in the same areas as this one due to the tools I have to work with. My focus is on the music rather than the production. I would love to be able to present my stuff with up to date software and state of the art tools but for now I must keep writing with what I have.
Hi Jan, Thanks for listening. Pardon me, you are correct. There is no MIDI sound, It is just an instruction set. The limits of the sound using MIDI = the limits of the software / hardware and the ability of the person to use said software / hardware to render MIDI through synth to wave to produce sound.
Thanks again for listening but your post has no constructive input what so ever. If you have any constructive comments I would love to hear them :-)
Thanks Ray, it all helps.
That's ok Roger, any and all feedback is accepted graciously. You are right on the choppiness. I just don't have the controls to smooth the note changes. I could and all kinds of reverb and make it sound like it was coming from the bottom of a barrel or out of a back room down the hall. When I put together my sound scheme it is arranged to paint a mood and I don't really think to much about how it would actually be positioned in a player's environment. I could humanize it tho. Well I always have gameland to try. I still think my music has value and I will continue writing and hope that I can get my hardware and software up to date. Thanks again Roger

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