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This is the first track in a series of tracks I will be uploading for comment. I write by ear and enter my music by mouse to a staff.

I wanted a Scottish feel, did I make it for you?

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There are some reasonable melodic ideas in the piece. However, what lets it down is this. If you want a scottish sound, you need to create an authentic feel using acoustic instruments or very realistic acoustic samples. There are far too many synthesised sounds here for it to have an authentic feel. So either change your aims or invest in more realistic acoustic samples.

Another point I want to make is that about creating an illusion of space. I've noticed that on TV campaigns for Scotland the music and production create a feeling of "space" to convey the openness of the Scottish landscape. This could be worth thinking about - having gaps between melodic phrases to make the music "breathe" more and adding reverb to more instruments. Just some ideas that come to mind.
Thanks a lot for your input Adrian, I agree 100% that it could be presented better with live instruments and players or quality samples. Unfortunately I have neither. I work on a zero budget and am happy that I can do what I can do in a hut in the jungle with solar collected power and a satellite broadband connection. At this point I just hope that people can listen through the synth and hear the music. P.S. I wasn't really looking for a feeling of space, more of a proud heritage thing.
Well thanks for accepting the feedback.

It's a sad fact that on this and on other forums the judgement is more likely to be made on production than musical value per se. If you work on a limited budget (like most of us do) then you've done to come up with this. Keep them coming.
Thanks for taking the time to listen Ray. And thanks for expressing your honest feelings on what you heard. All I have are sound fonts to work with at the moment. This song was an experiment to see if I could create a Bagpipe feel without a bagpipe sound font. Sorry you didn't like the lead guitar. I'll post something a little softer next but it will still be done with soundfonts and if you cannot listen through the MIDI sound to the music you may still not enjoy it. Thanks again

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