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I hate having to make a thread about this because I thought it was common sense but I guess I have to. 

I, and many other member of this forum, can no longer tolerate threads and topics being hijacked for other members wanting to discuss other topics that are loosely related or not related to the original topic. It is disrespectful to the original poster and it does not make it enjoyable for those who want to join the original conversation. Consistent topic derailment, especially if the original post complains about it, will result in suspension. 

Consider this a new rule, if we must call them that, and interpretation of it will be completely up to the admins. Post wisely.

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Hey all, I apologize in advance for this lengthy post, but it is relevant to this topic and needs to be brought up before Tyler and I begin our cleansing process. Firstly:

Roger what topics have been limited?? Until a few days ago when I decreed MUSIC ONLY over and over, what topic other than ones of offensive nature have been restricted?

And now my own drivel, but important drivel:

We originally enforced some sense of categorization and a need to make sure whatever was posted was succinctly part of that category. That was because CM brought many full time working composers here originally, a job that is amazingly stressful with everynight an all-nighter of mad rush deadlines and we wanted to try and make a place where full time composers would be happy to come here in their schedule cracks and share inside scoop, techniques and stories about that "glorious" profession. I was still living in LA at the time (i think? Or recently moved) and was still trying to curry the OG in Hollywood for my own career, and service through the IAC.

Either way, some others with very similar mindset/MO as olm / ondib came and shat all over everything and it became crystal clear that the bear mccrearys and hans' remote control freaks of los angeles were NOT going to stick around and share with noobies when the noobies were treating them and their threads like shit, and so tremendous hopes I had in CF died and we realized this forum would be a place for amateurs primarily, and the pros we retained were not of the hollywood elite. It took time for me but eventually I became good with the idea, and CM being the eternal optimist got refocused and I wanted to support my old buddy Chris Merritt; and personally I was dealing with brutal health issues and had free time.

As my health improved (and possibly as i learned via CF my own personality shortcomings) I started getting busy with projects (its amazing when you fill yourself with empathy and embrace your love of music how things, events, projects of the most excellent kind manifest). My health improved to the point where i could start gigging again as a jazz improvisor as well as get out and socialize enough to connect with people and find meaningful projects and so I left the forum in the hands of CM's buddy (that he met IRL when he travelled to Scotland and bonded with) Ray.

What he didnt realize was how brutal Ray could be, and treated CF like a nunnery in some ways, but how to diffuse the angst Ray had been inserting into our overall vibe? Thats when Tyler showed up, and I was watching his unperturbed and well thought out posts and his kindness to others as well as musical excellence. And as a young man going through school for music, he was a lightning bolt in my mind, and we luckily got him on board to help us. With the turmoil Ray was fostering and Rays disdain for CM and my philosophy about tolerance, we also recruited a few more admins. At this point the ondib types were already morphing the forum, feeding on the turmoil and on our loose reaction to disruptiveness and Chris and I were both getting busier IRL. So we passed the running of the forum off to Tyler, tho we really didnt leave him in a good place. We tried to make a break and banned offenders and brought on other moderators (i say admins often because its easier to type on an iphone but tyler is the only admin, rest were moderators). Unfortunately everyone we gathered as mods had their own agenda, and folks like Gav had a very hard time separating their agenda/morals/values from the open free nature Chris and I wanted to leave behind here. Most every mod we found wanted to be heavy handed with rules and to have a lot of control over CF policy. Some of that is because I demanded that we stay very light handed on banning and manipulating content even when people were being so frustratingly destructive. That group of mods quickly burnt out and we have not been able to recover the centered balanced goodness of CF. there have been few new members that get past a week or two of sifting through the lengthy off topic conversations. Basically this place has morphed into a fun hangout for 4 or 5 very disruptive, inconsiderate people and new members either pick up on and act like these guys, or they post rarely.

Of all the problems here, i still want to find a way to make it work, a very tall order of having a place for real critique of our music and not a pat on the back place like most communities where people post their works, and still keeping a sense of family, of peers hanging out and bonding.

On top of that I am busier than ive ever been, almost to the point of being ready for management and I physically can not sift through 30 pages of non sequitur replies built to antagonize for each thread to insert order and rebuild an environment that fosters goodness and growth. Id love to (well maybe) but its not physically possible.

So the choices left are slim n grim. I dont see an alternative other than mass banning, leaving the forum without its key instigators, and suffer the loss of the good things those instigators bring, basically burn out a healthy piece of it and try and shift who, how and why we attract new members, kind of a soft reboot.

This makes me sad, because I actually like the quirky oddball meanderings of everyone here. I even like the key instigators. But my duty to Chris, Tyler and the forum requires change. That and also I have chosen that in my life, everything I output I want to be a force for good. Analyzing potential cause and effect over centuries ive seen that the smallest act of kindness manifests itself into a whole world of goodness and even more powerful is outputting negativity, disrespect, chaos, mean-spirit-ness and so on. I will see the forum destroyed rather than leave behind a legacy of "how to not be successful", or how to be mean, how to be disruptive to serve ego. Im serious about this. So if we can not be a place that fosters positivity and musical growth, i will find a way to not let it exist at all.

So Id like to ask for everyones help in creating a new era of Composers Forum, and let's find a way to rebuild once the first layer of banning goes down

Thank you all. I apologize most sincerely that I can not be more active in guiding this ship, but please lets not continue on like theres a substitute teacher in 7th grade and so lets just go bonkers and wear down poor substitute teacher :p

Christopher Alpiar
Saxophones, composer, arranger, producer
BeHip Records | AlpsMedia | |

So Im going to read most of these post, to determine what is off topic. Im going to vet through these and take appropriate action.

This thread is closed. 


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