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I hate having to make a thread about this because I thought it was common sense but I guess I have to. 

I, and many other member of this forum, can no longer tolerate threads and topics being hijacked for other members wanting to discuss other topics that are loosely related or not related to the original topic. It is disrespectful to the original poster and it does not make it enjoyable for those who want to join the original conversation. Consistent topic derailment, especially if the original post complains about it, will result in suspension. 

Consider this a new rule, if we must call them that, and interpretation of it will be completely up to the admins. Post wisely.

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Are we still posting crap on this thread?

'We'?.... it seems one of us considers this crap to be 'manure' to enrich the soil in the

garden of thought. Perhaps 'crap' does not truly describe it properly.

Perhaps, dancing in BS is good for the soul and can only enhance our creativity.

Then again, perhaps not.     lol                  RS    (ridiculously satirical)

What was the movie that  famously gets quoted for the line,

'What we have here, is a failure to communicate'.

(not your failure Tyler)
Tyler Hughes said:

Are we still posting crap on this thread?

(Sorry, Tyler, I'm trying. I want this to be the last one and hopefully O will talk about music as prompted by my question below.)

Very well, I'll focus it right down - my question was phrased: "So . . . those of you who play with orchestras, or have done, what's your preference? Do you wince when handed parts that are not interesting of themselves, or is that simply part of it? Are there cliches attached to your instrument of the role you constantly fulfil?"

I wanted personal perspectives, because I'm writing music for orchestra and need player's feedback to influence how I write. If you have never played with an orchestra, or equivalent convocation of musicians, your perspective is not what I was after. And since the purpose of this forum is, among other things, to help composers with new knowledge, using my question as a springboard to talk about issues unrelated to the knowledge I'm trying to gain is, well, annoying. Doubly so, if you're going to be metaphorical, mystical or poetic. Metaphors, mysticism and poetry are not my priorities.

Anyway, this seems pointless, so let's leave it and go to a music issue.

Are there any pieces of music which involved composing for the tuning pegs of a violin? I find the concept interesting at least, even if I am unlikely to utilise it myself.

Olmnilnlolm said:

But, Dave, that was not the whole of my statement, and if you take it alone, apart from other statements I made, you lose the meaning of my larger point.  I'll attempt a different way of explaining it.  Mine was simply one of many possible answers to your question, involving preferences of instruments and parts for instruments.  Clearly, the synthesizer, the electronic keyboard, and computerized instruments I mentioned are options, and can be played "within an orchestra."  Of course I was speaking in a metaphorical way, a mystical way, or in a poetic way, when I spoke of "writing music for every molecule," but it's almost literally true, when you consider that modern sound sculpture can reproduce real sounds, like the sounds of instruments made of glass, steel, nylon and glass, and combinations of these, with varying degrees of tension and compression.

Hey there Dave, as an aside, I wonder how many composers actually do play

in a band or orchestra. I haven't looked to see if there is a 'forum' dedicated to

'players'. I personally have not sat in a orchestra, but would think that from the

perspective of a member of an orchestra, that any money paying 'gig' would be

good. Since all parts only contribute to the whole, and given the fact that most

'players' are just that, players and not composers, I wonder if they are thinking as they play,

'why doesn't someone write something that 'makes me shine'. Nor do I think composers

generally write with that in mind. I think it's more about the opus than the performers.

No doubt, a gifted musician, can enhance their part, by whatever means they can muster

and create, and in time, they may 'stand out' from the crowd, but I would think that any effort to

steal the show, so to speak, would lose someone a job, which would mean loss of income to them.

Considering tuning pegs seems about as relevant as the humidity in the concert hall.

Should composers next consider and prescribe which deoderant the orchestra uses?

Playability is another issue, that may leave some wincing.                          RS

Peter, the only gauge I have been able to deterrmine so far as to whether something is

'off topic'  or not, is if someone complains. ( this, after a few yrs. here)

Personally, I would leave that call  to the discretion of the OP and tell the complainers to

go get their own life.(you know who you are) They are in no way obligated to participate in any discussion.

I'm sure that you would agree, that tip-toeing around egg shells is about as bad as a turd in the punchbowl.

These pages are really quite secluded, and IMO it is similar to channel surfing a TV- If I don't like the show,

I move on. I don't call the TV provider and bitch about what others may be watching.... and if no one is

watching, those shows will fade away and die.

Granted, the first priority here should be music. I appreciate and try to respect that.

I also can appreciate the fact that the admin.'s don't want to waste their time policing childish spats.

Tho' I like the idea, I realize this site is not intended to be 'The Composer's Bar and Grill'.

A place where music oriented folks can meet, have a beer, and discuss what's on their minds.

I applaude the originators of the site for initiating it, but wonder at the wisdom of limiting the

discussions. ( this is not to say that hi-jacking a thread is acceptable or to be tolerated )

... but I would leave that to the OP to decide and make the call.    RS

So Im going to read most of these post, to determine what is off topic. Im going to vet through these and take appropriate action.

This thread is closed. 



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