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Hello Colleagues,

In my stumblings-around on the internet, I came across this. I'd never heard a tonal piece by Schoenberg before so it got my curiosity. It's lovely, thought to just share it with you >

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Another nice one of his is Transfigured Night. 

At every level a beautiful work. The String Orchestra version is ravishing but as a sextet it easily absorbs me or me, it! 

I'll listen to the Notturno when I have a few mins. Pre-opus-7 Schoenberg does tend to get to me. 

michael diemer said:

Another nice one of his is Transfigured Night. 

What a surprise. He certainly loved his string writing. 

Very nice piece. 

Terrific! It's great to see his original workings complete with alterations and deletions, fascinating. Thanks for posting it Gav.

Ah yes, I know this one well! Schoenberg  will always be one of my heroes...

Mine too! :)

And yes, Schoenberg wrote many tonal works, especially early on... apart from the very early D major string quartet, Gurrelieder, and Verklaerte Nacht, there are the 1st string quartet and the 1st chamber symphony, both solidly tonal, though very chromatic and dissonant in places. This is probably a minority view, but I feel that SQ #2 is also basically tonal, even when the sense of a key center is (almost) totally lost. E.g. I feel the 3rd movement is solidly rooted in E-flat minor (I think it is) from beginning to end. Then there is the 2nd chamber symphony, which he only finished years later after establishing the 12 tone method, which ends on a pure minor chord (E or E-flat, haven't seen the score), very convincingly at that.

I think it was Robert Simpson who said that he felt that C major was lurking somewhere in Schoenberg's Piano Concerto. I'm not sure I would agree there, but I hear hints of tonality in lots of his 12 tone works.

Apologies for the necropost...

Claude Werner said:

Ah yes, I know this one well! Schoenberg  will always be one of my heroes...

Hi Dane,

Thank you for sharing Schoenberg's piece, if it really is.

Pretty... Graceful...


That is a most delicious piece of music! I've never heard it and it is a real  revelation! I even didn't know that Schoenberg composed such delightful tonal music.

Thousand times thank you for bringing this marvel to us!


I believe this is a very early work.  

An example of how great avant-garde artists mastered traditional forms before progressing to revolutionary new ones.

Picasso's early work includes excellent traditional representational art.

John Coltrane's early work includes some lovely, traditional mainstream cocktail-lounge style jazz.

Other examples could be found.

A quick web search shows that it is, indeed, quite early - 1895/6, thus predating even the wonderful D major string quartet of 1897.

With luck, I think I've finally figured out how to do the "embed code" thing...

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