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Hello Colleagues,

In my stumblings-around on the internet, I came across this. I'd never heard a tonal piece by Schoenberg before so it got my curiosity. It's lovely, thought to just share it with you >

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Another nice one of his is Transfigured Night. 

At every level a beautiful work. The String Orchestra version is ravishing but as a sextet it easily absorbs me or me, it! 

I'll listen to the Notturno when I have a few mins. Pre-opus-7 Schoenberg does tend to get to me. 

michael diemer said:

Another nice one of his is Transfigured Night. 

What a surprise. He certainly loved his string writing. 

Very nice piece. 

Terrific! It's great to see his original workings complete with alterations and deletions, fascinating. Thanks for posting it Gav.

Ah yes, I know this one well! Schoenberg  will always be one of my heroes...

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