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Hello everyone - trust all are safe ands well - happy Fathers' Day to those celebrating today!

This will be an interesting one - but here is another finished tune called "Vertigo" - more urgent and up tempo that my last posting. I don't hear anything like it around the forum - so again - would appreciate your feedback and advice. 

Stay well.


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Hi Tony, the piece has a definite rock aspect, and perhaps a Pink Floyd/David Gilmore specific air about it. It is well produced with good overall sound. As a composition I felt it a bit thin, by which I mean since your melodic line is largely made up of arpeggios, it came across to me as part of the accompaniment at times, A different, less arpeggiated melody might have enhanced the piece to my ear. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for taking time to listen Gav - you are bang on with some of my influences as a musician. Yes - I wanted to keep it simple melodically - as there is so much going on in the arrangement... but I hear you and will experiment!

Thanks again.

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