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Hello Folks - happy Friday to each of you!

Please find another one of my original Instrumental pieces - although this one actually featuring vocals! It is a bit of an epic - so please stick with it to get the full story - it will surprise you in place and take you on a journey (well - that was the intention anyway)

Advice always appreciated,

Stay well,


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 This must have taken considerable time to sculpt. I appreciate all of the interesting twists and turns along the way! Do you produce scores for your work? Do you mind sharing some of your process?

Thanks! Very nice indeed.

Timothy - thank you for listening and for your encouragement. Thank you also for the feedback. No problem at all - I am a guitarist first and foremost - and as has been noticed before on this forum in regard to my work, largely from the rock / commercial genre. I don’t produce scores - I am a musician by ear and am self taught. Not only in music by the way - but also in audio production, mastering and engineering. I am literally a one man band - a home studio, ProTools, lots of guitars and some nice virtual instruments. I am unashamedly trying to break my music into the movie / tv / gaming industries - but it is difficult... My music is very personal to me and always begins with a guitar riff / hook / melody. I then have the luxury of being able to build on it using the technology I have built up over the time I have learnt how to mix and produce... Everything I write is centered around something, someone, some event in my life and that allows me to vocalise those emotions via a soundstage and melody. I cannot sing at all - and so guitars always feature heavily. After guitars and the initial idea - the pulse of the song is important to me - the heartbeat - so I concentrate a lot on the kit and bass parts In order to try and keep it as human as possible. My influences - people like John Barry, Hans Zimmer amongst them - kind of help me fill in the melodic gaps from a string / brass arrangement perspective. But each piece is different and unique to me - a part of my life. And you are right - it does take some time - the hardest part though is knowing when it is finished... That is the demon of the Digital technology at hand - there are no limits. So a long answer to a short question - but I realise that I am probably not the usual contributor to a forum like this - but I don’t believe in classification corridors and consider myself a composer of music nonetheless.

Again, appreciated.



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