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Hi All,

I've only become more active here in the last few days, so I thought I'd post some music as a way of reintroducing myself. I'm linking two performances of my Toccata. The first (on Soundcloud) is a virtual rendition put together in my old PC version of Logic, the second is a video of me actually playing it. The video suffers from two terrible flaws, my only okay technique and the video camera has automatic gain (that can't be defeated) so dynamics are, for the most part, lost. The virtual rendition is obviously what I hope a very capable player could do with it, the video is what I've actually been able to achieve, but some of the nuance has been lost due to the camera. Let me know if you enjoy (or not).

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Very quirky piece Steve.
I discerned bits of Tin pan alley harmony interspersed between the florid figure, is that the Steve Martin reference???
I think it would be more exciting and showy if the tempo was upped- a good player could reasonably go up another 15-20 bpm I reckon, perhaps even more.
As you've posted in the critique thread, heres my only beef. The ending seemed to be just thrown away, I'd have liked to hear some confirmation of a final tonality with a hammering home of it. Perhaps a few bars of high virtuosity stabilising around your home notes-
but thats just me. Have you considered the possibility of adding a few more movements to create a suite....oh go on do a fugue...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. Are you saying the recording on Soundcloud wasn't fast enough for you or my actual performance? This piece was originally written for synthesized strings as the 2nd movement of a sonata for synths, so there's your suite. As such it languished in obscurity so I transcribed it for piano and called it a toccata. Sadly I simply cannot accurately play it anywhere near as fast as I'd like. So I agree my performance is too slow, but if you think the recording on soundcloud performance is too slow then I might suggest you reduce your caffeine intake (kidding of course). I could post the original string synth version.

As for the ending I like it the way it is. That may be because I'm used to it (this piece was composed in the 1980s), but I don't feel the need to add more tonality. The basic units of this piece tend to deflect tonality so I'd have to shift them to a more tonal shape and that would tend to imply more development before I could end it.

IIRC I was also trying to get to a particular key for the next movement in the original piece. Thanks for listening.

Tonality was the wrong and misleading word, I meant finality. In context with a following movement, it'd probably all make more sense though.

Yeah, a bit faster and more ritmico than the soundcloud version, then it'd live up to its name more for me. Perhaps you're right about the coffee.......

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