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As I look back over my work as a composer, I note how many of my compositions were inspired by love, by romance. The youthful enthusiasms that inspired these outpourings have now faded into memory, but the songs remain a testament to a search now ended. For when my eyes, by the grace of God, first fell on Neribel all my former striving ceased. Considering what gift to give Neribel for our one-year anniversary as husband and wife, I decided it was time to express what words alone could not express, so I  called on the God of music and composed Tinges of Indigo, a piece that expresses the longing, tenderness, and, yes, heartache that two lovers feel as they journey through life together in a love triangle with God. I hope result infects you with the beauty of love cherished.


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Hi, Bob! You're absolutely right. A live performance would be better, and I should have done this; however, I did not feel my pianistic skills were up to the task, but you raise a valid point.

Bob Porter said:


If you are a piano player, I would really like to hear a live, expressive version of this. It seems like a lovely piece that needs a human touch. It could be done in Sibelius, but it is much less intuitive.

Thanks for the honest feedback. It's useful to hear how others hear my work with synthesizers. I do not pretend to be a master at obtaining realistic performances from sample libraries, and I am always impressed by those who manage to come close.

Best wishes,


Bob Porter said:

I listened to a few pieces on your page. Very nice music. I feel that they could use some work expression wise. The "Adoramus", for example, could use some swells and ritards in the opening statements. All doable in Sibelius.This is not about your writing, which I like very much, it's about execution. Your writing style is very expressive.

Just my own thoughts.

Keep up the good work

Lovely mood, lovely piece.

Yes, I got infected.

thanks for sharing.

Hi, Socrates! Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad that you got infected by the piece. :) 


Socrates Arvanitakis said:

Lovely mood, lovely piece.

Yes, I got infected.

thanks for sharing.

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