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Here's a short and happy piece for woodwind quintet and percussion I recorded this morning. Considering that it had to be done within 30 minutes and the musicians were (almost) sight-reading, I'm quite happy with the result. The percussion was added after the session, using some sample libraries.

Tell me what you think. :-)




- Keman

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kinda reminds me of good old nintendo 64 adventures...

I found that glokenspiel/chimes/bells/whatever a bit overused though. Overall, it's very well done

Very well put together, and not long winded at all. Just the right length, I think, given the themes presented. Great title too! I can definitely hear the theme park in this piece.

It would be neat to hear the piece with live percussion sounds or at least with a better blend in the mix. Overall, superb job!

What a treat: some real stuff! The players are superb. There is too much symbol over everything though - seems a shame to swamp it with a rather unrealistic sound - it detracts from some intricate playing. I am also not overly keen on the drum sounds - they sound on the un-enthusiatic side: I tend to like things committed and they sound unsure of themselves.


Good work though - this sounds like it will be a worthy addition to the project it is part of.

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