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Hello hello,

Here is my second piece of work, where I tried to mix orchestral music with a second movement that sounds more electronic.

-> Through The Cloud <-

Like my first project, this is still something in progress. I didn't finish it, it explains why it cuts without outro. In the same time, I didn't complete spatialising, mixing and mastering. The main reason to this is because it takes an awful long time to do and I thought that you could judge the ideas of this work with what I had done so far. Also, it is a bit because I am quite excited to get some feedback on it.

I had a very specific picture in mind when composing the first movement of this piece. I would like to try and describe it to you :

Imagine a close shot of a quite big bird, flying over green lands, with fields and lakes. Its movements are slow and calm. The sky is grey and cloudy, colors are very contrasted.
We follow the bird. You can feel relax but not completely peaceful, as if you know the music was telling you that something may happen.

Pass that bass at 27'', the shot becomes wider, and reveals the horizon. We can see a mountain close to us. The bird carries on towards that mountain, blocking more and more the horizon. In the end, the only thing you can see is this bird flying close to the cliffs.

At 57'', your vision is clear again, the bird just came pass the rocks, and reveals an endless field full of ruins from a forgotten city. Big tiles and blocks of rock, pieces of statues lying in the grass... no trees, a bit of fog.
The bird flies close to the ground now, giving you this impression of acceleration. The short stacc strings picture the movement of its wings.
Drums playing at the back tells you that a war took place here, many years ago.
The trombone, not in perfect harmony with the melody reminds us that it is not a good memory, and you can't feel joy. The more the bird flies, the more you discover of those ruins. Always more, always bigger, as if we were approaching the centre of something.

Finally comes 1'40. The bird disappear in a cloud above you. Then there is silence, you can't see anything.

1'45 is the transition. From the same view, a massive reactor breaks Through The Cloud. A spaceship from an advanced technology is going down, ready to land. The electronic sound expresses that fear you should have from something different that you are not used to see. You can feel it's bad, you can feel it made of iron and in contradiction with this picture of green nature we had so far.
The spaceship is revealed bits by bits as it comes down and eventually lands at 2'10'', chasing the fog away.

Then, for the second movement. You can imagine whatever type of scary/disgusting aliens you want coming out of the ship, going I don't know where, doing things with energy and a lot of action. Could be a conflict, a flashback to the war they have been fighting on these fields against humans in the past... maybe !

Anyway, I hope you like the idea, thanks for commenting guys.

See you later !!

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Dear Olivier,

this is really a happening genre of the moment - the fusion of classical and pop/rock styles. I was quite moved by the opening orchestra section, quite powerful. When you make the move towards the rock synthesis there would be a real benefit in moving the bass away from reiteration of the tonic, because it would forge the basis of a much more substantial dramatic development. Led Zeppelin wrote some great music when they under-laid it with sensible and potent harmonic movement, simple architecture. But their dirges that essentially just re-iterate riffs and the harmonic tonic - they only engender superficial drama. Why not listen to the 2nd. Movement of Shostakovich's 10th. Symphony, 'cause I can tell you John Williams bloody obviously did so.

You have the basis of some fine film music there. Shostakovich didn't really write great film music (he obviously didn't take it too seriously), John Williams kind of does. But Williams was a student of Shos, for sure. Listening to Wagner's Preludes would be a real help to you too.

Best wishes and keep composing Olivier,

Mark Nicol. 

Dear Mark,

a comment like yours is exactly the reason why I registered on this forum not so long ago. I have to say that I am very grateful.

The first thing I did after reading your reply has definitely been to follow your advice. It gives me the push I need to improve my work. Shostakovich's 10th Symphony, 2nd movement is very interesting. I think I will also spend "a bit of time" tonight listening to Wagner's Preludes before bedtime.

I am looking forward to having a bit of spare time to work on this piece again.

With my best regards,


Dear Olivier,

if there is any music that really inspires you please let me know, let the group know. Sometimes we older guys think we have heard everything or know everything - but then you hear something new, from someone new - and you have to say - wow! 

Best wishes,


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