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I did this awhile ago and have always wanted to hear it performed to see if it's any good. It's for brass sextet. I'd really love to get some feedback on this one. If anyone has a brass sextet and would be willing to sight read it to see if it works in the real world that would be fantastic. There are three short movements I wrote after moving to Texas from California. 

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I liked it, especially the Mutton Bus. Very Texan, and lots of fun.

Now, I'm no brass player, but I see that you wrote some pretty agile passages for the horn -- are you sure the horn player can pull off all those fast notes and trills? The 32nd note scales will probably come out as a blurred or muffled glissando (that is, if they're even possible -- you might want to check with a horn player just to be sure). Horn trills tend to be sluggish, and probably muddy-sounding, so you might want to leave out the horn on those trills unless you don't mind the clumsy sound.

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