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I've recently tried a new composing style and wanted your thoughts on the results.

I basically sat down on the organ and thought of a quick story (like a chase for example), saw what came to my mind and learnt the piece by heart until I was able to reliably record it without making too many mistakes.

I've recorded 3 of my attempts:

1. :

2. :

3. :

Thank you for your time

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Bob Porter said:


Thanks for posting these. I am only inclined to listen to the first one. Which is what I usually do when anyone posts more than one piece at a time.

There is much keyboard-esk content in your music. It seems to be a collection of ideas put together, rather than a series of ideas one growing out of the previous idea. That is not a complaint, just an observation.

I find your comment on melody (from your page) curious. That melody should drive the harmony rather than the other way around. Maybe that's what gives me the impression that your piece is a collection of melodic ideas.

For me, melody is not the most important thing. I will use whatever device necessary to get my intent across. It might be a certain rhythm, or instrument, or harmony, or even a melody.

Keep writing and posting. 

First of all, thank you very much for your feedback!

I get that quite alot, many people don't consider melody the most important thing. I guess in my case it has been so well established, that it shaped my whole composing style.

You're right though, that one should use whatever device necessary to get one's intent across. I'm definetly trying to do that, especially in the 2nd piece.

As there are many people that probably only listen to the first one, I'm inclined to switch the 1st and 2nd composition, as I find it to be a better piece.

The first piece is very keyboard-esk you're completely right, I played this with some weird stops pulled on the organ, so it would sound a bit digital

Thank you again for your feedback!



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