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Check it out! Movement two of my first wind quintet, written in 2006. I was inspired by Ligeti's Six Bagatelles for wind quintet, with their variety of chord spacings/voicings and extremely economic use of materials--they say all they need to say in a short amount of time. Score in C. Comments welcome! :)



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I really really love this piece. To me it sounds more post minimalistic then Legeti, but that just me. I loved the harmonic language used in this piece and I wish I could hear the other movements to get a full idea of your vision for this piece.

The only problems I had with the piece was the signature changes and the fact that its scored in C.
I am not a fan of changing time signatures from #/4 to #/8. to me it just seems like a headache waiting to happen for your performers, especially since you you indicated that the tempo is quarter note equals 148 when clearly quarter notes are rarely used. I not a fan of scores in C mainly because I cant transpose in my head that fast yet :P.

Other then that, I love the piece and I would love to hear more of it.
Congratulations. It was beautiful.
Hey everybody, thanks for the comments! Please check out the new MP3, though--I inadvertently uploaded the MIDI version, which I still had for some reason (and yes, there was probably too much reverb!). This performance was by Midnight Winds, on my doctoral recital at USC in 2007. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for listening!


P.S. If there's interest, I could post the first and third movements of the piece as well.
I really liked the live performance of that piece. Very well performed. I would love to hear the other two movments.

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