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Hi! I'd appreciate some advice about the sound quality of this music. It's the menu theme for an upcoming horror game so I tried to make the orchestra sound rough and less polished than the one I use usually, working on the strings attack and adding some sound design elements. What do you think? Do you have some suggestions for future mixings? Thanks for your time

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Thanks for the reply! You're right, working with games is a lot of fun ;)

I should have specified that they asked me a dramatic music for the menu (and more scary themes for the gameplay, which I'm working on right now) so I avoided using distortions or elements of tension, keeping always the orchestra above the other sounds. 

When you said it sounds muddled do you mean it's confused? I still have time to fix it so any help and feedback will be highly appreciated! Thank you again :))

Bob Porter said:

This is kind of fun. Thanks for posting it.

I'm certainly no expert on horror music for games, or mixing with a DAW. I think that what would be frightening for me would be the dichotomy of totally polished sounds and menacing undertones. Perhaps experiment with other reverbs. This one seems all midrange and a bit muddled. Unless that's what you are after. 

@Bob: I get what you're saying now. You're right and I noticed that this problem came out after the mastering phase, that's probably due to the fact that I was using a different chain when I mastered it. I should try using the new one (which is far more balanced). Thanks again! 

@Raymond: Thank you very much! You're way too helpful :)  The version you posted is more clear and brilliant and as I said I still have to try the new mastering chain I built. I'll post the result here, hoping to overcome this lack of rumble problem (which is kind of difficult to obtain keeping the rest of the music balanced). If everything goes smoothly I should be able to reach the level of brightness of the track you posted.

Here it is the track after I used the new mastering chain. Basically it's some EQ, warm tube and tape plugin, bass maximizer, compressor, stereo widener, clipper and limiter. I think it sounds better and brighter, maybe I could work a little bit with the filters again.


Thanks Raymond, I definitely get what you mean by rumble now ;)

I'm mixing using a pair of headphones, the Sennheiser HD380 Pro. I still don't have good monitors but these headphones have a really nice frequency response and I learnt how to use them. I think they're better than most of the monitors below 500$ for what I do (videogames), plus the game will suggest using headphones to play.

I think it may be this difference of equipment but actually I prefer my last version (with the new mastering) instead of the one you posted. Maybe if I listen to it on speakers it will sound bad but on these headphones it's more fat and loud. Still I'll try adding some low freqs again, it may help. 

I'm slowly building my studio, there's still a lot to buy but I'll reach a good setup in the end ;-)

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