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Here is my new piece "The Wind Rises", named after the recent Studio Ghibli film. Please let me know what you think.

The file is too big to upload, so here's the link:

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That was quite a cool piece. You have a great sounding orchestral library, and are clearly not afraid to use it.

No further comments, just to let you know that I listened to it.

very nice piece. do you write on the staff? or is created after you've played the parts?

I love the opening horn statement.  You had a nice development of the harmonies and using the oboe and flute with an answering statement was nicely done.

I would have liked to see the same harmonic movement going into the 3/4 section.  You sit on the c#m7 and for six counts nothing happens.  Keep the momentum going into the 3/4 that you've established.

Your orchestration gets a bit monotonous.  Try varying the scoring of your strings a bit more.  There's a whole octave higher you can use.  and at m38 perhaps not use strings at all.  (Maybe ww's only but keep the horn counter melody, that's neat!!!)  This will give the listener a varied timbre.

Much improved over the first time you posted the rough sketch.  Keep at it, this will turn into a very nice piece.

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