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Hi All,

Just thought I'd draw your attention to a possible future in score technology. It looks pretty neat to me.

Seriously thinking about this as the workflow might be quicker than Sibelius (I have 2 massive scores that need inputting!).

Here's a link to the actual software...

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Heres a very in depth review of Dorico- though I dont think it includes the two updates already since its original release:

Its worth noting that the reduced crossgrade price of $279-299 ends in March--its for a crossgrade from Sibelius, Finale or Notion and I believe theres a cheaper educational crossgrade.

More can be found at:

And especially the official Dorico forum:

Thanks Bob

That's a good point Ingo. The hand writing part of StaffPad will only appeal to certain generations, but there are plenty (and always will be!) of students in colleges all over the world learning music. I still find the idea of hand writing into a tablet very liberating and appealing.

 I gather Sibelius can be used with an active pen, (but not handwriting recognition) anyone used it that way? What about Dorico, can that be used with a pen  Bob + Bob ?

Ingo Lee said:

I learned to write music when you had to use a pen or pencil but the first time I saw some reasonably priced scoring software that played back some beeps and squeaks I was hooked. But now you can have both together ('Staffpad'), so . . . but I just have to wonder if this product will stay popular (and be supported) now that younger musicians are accustomed to using a mouse? There's a big investment of time and money lost if it goes away like so many things do.

Overture 5 has one, don't know if it will work for you, it's $250.
Dave Dexter said:

I'm going to be checking out Dorico, as it seems the only dedicated scorer with a good piano roll input option built in (an absolute must for me, sadly). Anyone have any experience with it?

Everyone has their own preferred way of doing this, and Im a true believer in whatever works, use it :)

For myself, keeping in view my end result is a notated score, I found that anything that added extra steps would best be streamlined and eliminated. IOW, composing with pen and paper or in a DAW and then having to enter it into a notation program, or importing a midi file just took too much time, and seemed like double work to me..

So i bit the bullet and taught myself how to do what I was doing in my DAW  directly into my notation program, thus cutting out what again seemed to me to be double work, along with avoiding the many times getting unsatisfactory results with notating complex imported midi files.

Im not familiar with using a DAW that exports XML and importing that into ones notation program, but using an old version of DP I note IMHO that the QuickScribe display is extremely (over) quantized and simplified and isnt necessarily what youre hearing.  So even if that now exports XML, Id  be interested with the results people are getting, if they're satisfactory or not.

Just my two cents.... :)  Thanks Bob 

PS I would like to pass on that the very best results I did get (though there still would be a lot of drudge work ) was with Sibelius importing UNquantized complex midi files and letting Sib do the quantization with proper settings, and also letting it convert the velocities to dynamics.

I realize this flies in the face of conventional practice, but FInale also recommends importing unquantized midi files into it, and letting Fin do the quantization.

YMMV...thanks :)


Yes, learning notation software is not easy and I'm sure I could go faster with just staff paper, but then I'd be wearing out my erasers again when I decided to change everything, so I agree that learning it is worth it.

I think what DriscollMusick has described, a union of DAW and scoring software via midi through a 3rd party application, would be the best solution for me at least. This allows you all of the DAW controls and gives you a wide choice of audio libraries.

Steinberg is in a position to do this with Dorico if they will allow it to run as a midi controller plug in to their DAW, Cubase. This would give us DriscollMusick's set up in a nice easy package I think.  If they do this I would have to seriously consider using it.

An addendum to my original post..

I see from StaffPads site, that they haven't really catered for any more contemporary notation styles (feathered beams et al) and so that might be a deal breaker for me. I have Notion on my iPad and I believe Notion6 now has handwriting capability.

Anyone out there using it on a Wacom tablet?

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