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I very much avoid eating sweets most of the time as Im a dyed in the wool "cookie monster" (cake too :) and only once in a blue moon do I indulge myself. Probably about every month or two.

I have noticed, and just did again that when I do eat sweets I compose up a storm-but Im not sure if my composing abilities are actually stimulated, or Im just able to go longer, and work faster and more efficiently on a "sugar high"..

or maybe BOTH!

Anyone else notice this?

And please note--I am in NO way espousing this as many I know do have diabetes or are pre-diabetic (like myself).

So has anyone else experienced this with sugar?

Thanks Bob

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Hi Lasse--

Yes, thank you- thats EXACTLY what I was talking about-- being much more focused for a much longer time, thereby getting much more music done.

Please let me know if repeated stroopwaffles have the same beneficial effect on your composing!

Thanks Bob

PS And all the reading/research Ive done with regard to children and hyperactivity seem to point out sugar, by raising the blood sugar level produces more adrenalin. (also insulin)

This makes much sense to me. Thanks again!

Lasse Karhu said:

Hi Bob! You have started an interesting thread. I think I experienced this a couple of days ago. After consuming a couple of stroopwafels ( on the side of coffee I sat down to create some music. The time was well past midnight when I finished and I took note on how concentrated I had been the whole process. This usually doesn't happen to me. But no, no distractions this time. Nevertheless repeated tests, and some more stroopwafels, needed to confirm this.

As it comes to children and sugar I would say that the more probably reason for hyperactivity, temperament and sleep problems is in the immune system reacting to allergens. Pure sugar would be a lot better alternative than something they haven't developed a tolerance for.

You're being pretty generous to yourself w/ the 'Blue Moon' thing. The average length of time between Blue Moons is around 19 months. 

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