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I very much avoid eating sweets most of the time as Im a dyed in the wool "cookie monster" (cake too :) and only once in a blue moon do I indulge myself. Probably about every month or two.

I have noticed, and just did again that when I do eat sweets I compose up a storm-but Im not sure if my composing abilities are actually stimulated, or Im just able to go longer, and work faster and more efficiently on a "sugar high"..

or maybe BOTH!

Anyone else notice this?

And please note--I am in NO way espousing this as many I know do have diabetes or are pre-diabetic (like myself).

So has anyone else experienced this with sugar?

Thanks Bob

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Most studies seem to show that there is no correlation between sugar intake and hyperactivity

Thanks for your response--as a side note Id really appreciate seeing some actual proof for this statement, thanks-- as personal experience (especially as a parent) and other information throughout the years seem to say and prove otherwise, although as of late there is some question. And this question seems to blame the following for behavior shown when children eat too much sugar and NOT the sugar itself:

For myself I most definitely do compose faster, more efficiently and for longer periods of time when I do eat that delicious cake.:)

Thanks Bob

Just don't OD on the stuff, Bob

Thanks Bob..I do watch very carefully ...:)

(No, honestly I was stuffing a cupcake in my face when I said that...hope I didnt get any crumbs on your computer..:)

Thanks Bob

PS only kidding about the cupcake..diabetes and pre diabetes are no laughing matter..

Shortage of glucose can make it very difficult to concentrate, on anything, or resolve/deal with decisions - it's not limited to music. I've noticed a similar correlation between, say, energy drinks and composing stamina. Sugar isn't in itself bad for you and I'm with Bob P on the "sugar doesn't cause hyperactivity" thing.

The number of times I've been struggling to compose, or interpreting simple issues as massive problems, realised I haven't eaten for hours, then eaten and got my mojo back... it's not a secret ingredient to creativity, your brain needs glucose. If you don't often eat sweet foods then possibly you're marginally low on the stuff so notice a difference when you have a treat. Perhaps find some way of ingesting that doesn't require unhealthy food at the same time? Anyway, good blood sugar = more music

"it's not a secret ingredient to creativity,"

No one claimed it was, Dave. I was just relating my experience to see if anyone else had noticed this. As it is I compose  a good 12-15 hours a day, without it, with really good results, and as related went soo much longer on the times I did eat sweets.

"I've noticed a similar correlation between, say, energy drinks and composing stamina."

Sugar +caffeine...this seems to bear out what Ive found with myself, and many others.

"I'm with Bob P on the "sugar doesn't cause hyperactivity" thing."

And thats fine, but in all honesty Bob P was the first parent Ive ever met that hadnt seen the "sugar high" in kids. I was really surprised hearing this.

Thanks for your reply-much appreciated.

Thanks Bob

>Is the "sugar high" a myth? Is it something parents use as an excuse while watching their kids overact at a party. "Oh well, too much sugar, I guess."  Is it a verifiable chemical reaction. Fred would know. I don't.

Ive read this and really wondered about it also. And I wasnt referring to that kind of a situation, but more of an ordinary day where a large amount of sugar is then eaten--lets say from a Halloween haul the day before, or a lot of cake with no party involved..and the kids seem to bounce off walls.

At least thats my experience..and enjoy your coffee:)

Thanks Bob

PS I remember in the past hearing how the sugar lobby was paying out money and interfering with research  to clean up sugars' image..I think thats where a lot of taking the blame off sugar might have come from

An example

I didn't claim that anyone had claimed it was. It's just the relationship between blood sugar and concentration/focus is essentially not in question. There's no secret ingredient because if you're doing that sort of work, you should be well nourished as a matter of course.


Whoever cut this from the show and uploaded it titled it rather sensationally, and the show doesn't cite the "medical evidence", but it ties in with Bob P's view (and mine).

Bob Morabito said:

No one claimed it was, Dave.

Bob Porter said:


Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

And fast food and soda are blamed for child obesity. So clean up fast food and ban soda, instead of eating responsibly. What's the old saying? "All things in moderation"? If I eat at MacDonalds  every day, what can I expect. Sure, it's fast and convenient. And I used to eat at those places all the time. But there is no way the food can ever be made healthy. 

A rabbit hole. Sorry.

I had two cups:)

Youre very welcome Bob-I found it interesting also. And again I actually remembered it being in the news about the sugar lobby trying to clean up its image many years ago, with tons of money, and trying--apparently with some success as some people bought it--and it continues to this day.

Thanks Bob

PS @Dave--your example seems to be from a comedy show, and as you said cites no medical Im really not sure as to this being a very good example of what your saying? Thanks

A comedy science/knowledge show in which the comedy generally derives from contestants having little knowledge of the questions and acting in a generally unscientific manner in contrast to a formal and knowledgeable host. The fact that the show doesn't cite sources doesn't mean the sources don't exist, though it is an annoying oversight on a science show. Probably felt that it would overshadow the comedy, which is the main focus (but which does not negate the science itself).

I can link to a few studies, most likely the ones mentioned in the show, if you're interested.

Bob Morabito said:

PS @Dave--your example seems to be from a comedy show, and as you said cites no medical Im really not sure as to this being a very good example of what your saying? Thanks

Hi Bob! You have started an interesting thread. I think I experienced this a couple of days ago. After consuming a couple of stroopwafels ( on the side of coffee I sat down to create some music. The time was well past midnight when I finished and I took note on how concentrated I had been the whole process. This usually doesn't happen to me. But no, no distractions this time. Nevertheless repeated tests, and some more stroopwafels, needed to confirm this.

As it comes to children and sugar I would say that the more probably reason for hyperactivity, temperament and sleep problems is in the immune system reacting to allergens. Pure sugar would be a lot better alternative than something they haven't developed a tolerance for.

I had stroopwafels for the first time when I was in Holland with a prog band. Amazing. Also a lot of liquorice and blackcurrent and home-made sandwiches over there. Blackcurrent tango! Madness.

Bob, I suggest you do a comparative study using  1- Monster   2- Red Bull,

and 3- NOS.  (These are all 'energy drinks' here in the States)

This may sound trite and passe, but there is no better high than finding the

natural creative zone and loving what you are doing.( or doing what you love).

>This may sound trite and passe, but there is no better high than finding thenatural creative zone and loving what you are doing.( or doing what you love).

Thanks Roger--this wasnt about getting 'high' but finding that I worked much more efficiently and longer when having cake. Either with or without it I love what I was doing, ie composing etc.

Thanks Bob

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