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Hi all...

I'm basically a pianist but recently moved towards song-writing. This is my first "complete" song (produced in a proffesinal studio- fully orchestrated etc.).

Being classicaly trained I tried to do something more than the simple A-B-A-B-A-B etc form, I experimented a lot, and then it got really complicated... In it's final form this song has string-brass-choral sections, a full rock band, and a lot of counterpoint... Harmonically I kept it simple - it's always the same chords repeating over and over (C7- Em - G - F - G - Bm - C- D). But structurally it goes like this:

(Verse1 - Second half of chorus - Verse2 - Entire Chorus with different lyrics - Verse 3 with different melody - Chorus with different lyrics again PLUS verse 3 played TOGETHER - Bridge - Chorus with added 2nd voices - replies etc.)...

Then, being a fan of Queen I chose the theme of their emblematic song "The show must go on" and went towards the tribute-comentary dirrection - "The show went on"... 

So my questions are: Is it pop? Is it rock? People suggested symphonic pop or progressive pop as a gerne but I'm not sure I like who these sound. Do you think that something like this could go well comercially? Did I go too far complicating things for a "pop" song aimed (obviously) at a non musically trained audience? Does all this make sence to anyone? :p

Thank you for the time to read and listen. 


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Hi Dimitris,

I am a fan of pop and find this a pleasant song. The music is enjoyable and the lyrics are clever. I enjoyed it and think you are on the right track. Best to you -


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