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The rose in full bloom

for solo flute

The rose in full bloom for solo flute:

Variations on a traditional Irish air

Score and computer-generated audio file at:

MuseScore The rose in full bloom


YouTube The rose in full bloom

Audio file only at:

SoundCloud The rose in full bloom


Please note that while this composition is based on a traditional melody in the public domain, this adaptation of it is an original creative work under copyright.

For performance permission, please see my permissions page.

Image: Andreas Lach - Roses

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Very nicely done, john. My only suggestion is that there is an extended passage where there don't appear to be any rests. But then, I have heard James Galway go on for so long that I myself became out of breath, so maybe this isn't a problem to a well-trained flautist. In any case, a very pleasant listen.

Thanks for the reply, and for liking it.

I compose a lot for flute, and still am uncertain about rests.  I've gotten conflicting responses on my pieces from flute players, from "why aren't there any rests?" to "why are those rests there?"  The flute scores I've seen seem not to have many rests in them.  What I really need to do is get more responses from performers who try to play my pieces.

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