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Hello Everyone

Please check out my newest recording of a piece entitled "The Puppet". All criticism good and bad very welcome

Alex Oliver Cawley


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You write and play very well and I enjoyed this piece. You have many ideas and you develop them well with good technique and dynamics. I don't really like the start/stop quality of this piece though, I'd like to hear you extend at least some of your ideas into longer arcs that hold our attention and make more complete statements.

Thanks for feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the comments on my playing. It's a strange thing having to perform your own pieces on one hand it's a good thing as I know my own material very well and I'm in complete control of the performance but on the other it's an extra thing to have to make sure is good when representing myself.

In regards to the stop start of the piece it's fair criticism I often find it difficult to repeat sections so often end up with too much variety. I have another piece I posted recently that I feel as more of a connected sense of themes/rhythm. You can watch is here

In defence of the piece I did want to have large gaps in the music to emulate the feeling of a puppet finding it hard to walk/falling over. Also most of the pieces I write tend to have a sense of narrative so many times I change mood or theme quickly to further the plot of the tune if that makes sense.

Alex Oliver Cawley  

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