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The "One Dollar Trilogy" - Red Creek / Bullets, bloody bullets / A stranger in these parts

I got a rush project at work, which needed me to write three minute long pieces of Western-themed music. Here's the trilogy.


Gear I used for these tracks:


DAWs and editors:
  • Cakewalk Sonar 8.5
Samplers, instruments and effects:
  • NI Kontakt 3
  • Independence Free
  • Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter
  • Melda Equalizer
  • Sonar PerfectSpace
Libraries and impulses:
  • Project SAM Brass
  • VSL Horizon series Chamber Strings
  • VSL Horizon series Overdrive
  • VSL Horizon series Concert Guitar
  • NI Kontakt 3 Library
  • Sonivox Flying Hand Percussion
  • Ilio Origins
  • Independence Free Library
  • Gnomehammer Sleigh Bells
  • Sonivox Flying Hand Percussion impulses

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I assume you mean USA Western themed music... It sounds like you may have used, what we in these here parts, call "Spaghetti Western" movie soundtracks for your model. The use of the jaw harp in "Red Creek" against the dramatic background is a bit comedic (but then, so were the Spaghetti Westerns, even though the producers intended otherwise at the time they were made!) I liked "A Stranger in These Parts" the best; the melody in the trumpet gave it a slight Tex/Mex Western flavor.

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